A 500 Day Adventure? Take a Break at the Camel’s

15 Aug

Our hot tub caught the eye of the Adventurous 500.

A high-energy camera crew called The Adventurous 500 has been on a mission to have 500 Colorado adventures in 500 days.

When they decided to take a break, they picked the Camel’s Garden Hotel, and ended up giving us this fun glimpse of the Camel’s through the eyes of a very enthusiastic young lady and her camera-toting posse.

Not surprisingly, they enjoyed the visit, particularly the huge hot tub, the luxurious rooms, the convenience of a an underground garage and the adjacent River Trail.

It seems the Adventurous 500 has been having trouble actually leaving Telluride.

They’ve been here since day 252 of their adventure and have now seen day 274 come and go.

It’s hard to blame the young lasses and lads. Fun people, a lively nightlife and access to the most beautiful wilderness in America are tough to be beat.

All but of a few of the locals here remember their first “visit,” too.

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