Festivals Add Abundance to Eden

26 May

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Nature has surrounded Telluride with some of the most glorious peaks in the world, blessed it with blue alpine lakes and etched it with rushing rivers.

To this man has added an absurd variety trails, classic Old West architecture and a dizzying array of places to eat, shop and drink.

All of which make Telluride a center for hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, rafting and other alpine pursuits.

But were the good folks of Telluride content? Did they just sit back and wait for travelers to find their way onto the dead-end road that leads into the box canyon at the center of the San Juan Mountains?

No they did not!

Instead, Telluride has packed the summer calendar with world-class festivals and events that make it a truly irresistible summer destination. [Here‘s another excellent listing.]

One of the amazing things about Telluride is that it seems to wear each festival well. You could come to town for a weekend of hiking during the enormously popular Bluegrass Festival, and still find yourself alone on the trails during the day and able to get a table at the best restaurants at night. (One caveat is that rooms do fill up quickly for the premier events. The Camel’s Garden has just a few left for Bluegrass.) Likewise, you could come to town for one of the smaller festivals, and still find a lively, colorful scene.

Telluride is currently buzzing as the socially conscious Mountainfilm Festival is about to get underway. The festival kicks off the summer season, and brings to town adventurers, activists, artists and their stories.

As you’d imagine, Telluride locals love this festival, and they are not alone. It’s gotten a ton of glowing press this year, including these posts from Outside Magazine and Ski Magazine. has also been featuring a lot of great Mountainfilm content, as has, especially on its Facebook page. If you are in town for the festival, those posts will also help you make your movie selection.

One of the things we’ll do on this blog is feature the individual festivals as they approach. In the meantime, checkout the listings at and and book your room at the Camel’s Garden. The historic Old Town and its Town Park are the centers of activity for the festivals, and the Camel’s Garden is perfectly situated for easy access to both. The town is right outside our front door. The San Miguel River and River Trail are directly behind us and take visitors right to the festival grounds.

Welcome Mountainfilm. Let the summer season begin!

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